Maks Solarski

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Resilience:

A Glimpse into 2019
- Season 2019 -


Join me as I reflect on the tumultuous year of 2019 in my motorsport career. While it may not have been as successful as previous years, it was a pivotal chapter filled with hurdles to overcome. Health issues significantly limited my participation, but with unwavering determination and a burning desire to continue racing, I found the strength to persevere through the pain. Let’s dive into the challenges I faced and the accomplishments I achieved despite the setbacks.

Navigating Health Challenges:

he year presented unforeseen health obstacles that tested my resolve. Despite the pain and adversity, my determination to continue racing fueled my perseverance. With every ounce of strength, I pushed through the physical discomfort, refusing to let it hinder my passion for motorsports.

Clay Pigeon Club Championships:

Despite missing two rounds, my determination to achieve strong results remained unwavering. I participated in the partial season of the club championships held at Clay Pigeon Raceway. I poured my heart and soul into every race, striving to make the most of the limited opportunities I had. With each lap, I pushed myself to the limit, leaving no room for regret.

Claiming the Vice Champion Title:

Despite the challenges, my unwavering determination yielded positive results. At the conclusion of the season, I proudly secured the second-place position in the Honda Cadet class, earning the Vice Champion title. This accomplishment is a testament to my tenacity and refusal to let setbacks define me.

Southern Championship:

In the midst of the challenging year, I embraced a significant opportunity to participate in the Southern Championship, held at Forest Edge. The competition brought together the region’s top talent, creating an intense and exhilarating environment. Despite my illness making driving extremely challenging, I summoned every ounce of energy and determination within me. Engaging in thrilling battles, I left everything on the track. In a contest that came down to the wire, I narrowly missed the championship by a single point. Although the outcome was not what I had hoped for, the experience served as a reminder of my resilience and the fierce competitor within me.


The year 2019 tested my character and determination as I confronted health challenges that significantly impacted my racing journey. However, my unwavering passion and refusal to give up pushed me to persevere through the pain. While the year may not have resulted in the level of success I had previously experienced, the lessons learned and the resilience gained were invaluable. Join me as I continue to chase my dreams, embracing the highs and lows that come with a career in motorsports. With each new challenge, I am determined to rise above and prove that setbacks are merely opportunities for comebacks. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as I embark on new adventures on the track.