Maks Solarski

Embracing Challenges and Resilience:

My Journey in the 2020 Motorsport


Join me as I recount the rollercoaster ride of the 2020 motorsport season. After a prolonged hiatus caused by health issues and the global pandemic, I returned to the racing scene with the ambition to compete at the highest level, this time in the Junior Rotax class of the Karting British Championship. However, the realities of my physical condition and the lingering effects of the pandemic presented unforeseen challenges, ultimately impacting my performance. Let’s delve into my journey as I navigated these hurdles and focused on regaining full physical fitness.

Adapting to the New Normal:

The year 2020 marked a significant milestone as motorsport events gradually resumed following the pandemic-induced hiatus. Eager to make my comeback, I set my sights on the Junior Rotax class, anticipating a seamless return to the highest level of competition. However, the reality proved to be different as the gap in my racing experience and the lingering impact of my health issues hindered my progress.

Prioritizing Physical Fitness:

Recognizing the need to rebuild my physical strength and endurance, I shifted my focus towards regaining full fitness. I devoted myself to rigorous training regimes, pushing my body to its limits and steadily working towards peak performance. While my position in the championship may have suffered, the journey to reclaim my physical prowess became my primary objective.

A Season of Learning and Growth:

Acknowledging the challenges I faced, I embraced the season as an opportunity for learning and personal growth. Each race presented valuable lessons that fueled my determination to improve. While my results may not have reflected my full potential, I remained resilient and focused on extracting every ounce of learning from each event.

A Distant Position in the Championship:

As the season progressed, I found myself in a distant position within the championship standings. However, rather than allowing disappointment to consume me, I channeled my energy into resilience and determination. While the road to success proved to be more arduous than anticipated, I remained steadfast in my commitment to continuous improvement.


he 2020 season served as a test of my resilience and determination. Returning to the racing scene after a prolonged absence brought unexpected challenges, but it also reignited my passion for motorsport. Despite the distant position in the championship, I remained focused on personal growth and regaining my full physical fitness. I view this season as a stepping stone towards future successes, armed with valuable lessons and a renewed drive to conquer new heights. Join me as I continue to chase my dreams, undeterred by setbacks, and embrace the thrill of the motorsport world. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates as I embark on new chapters of my racing journey.