Maks Solarski

Season 2022

The title of the Champion and Driver of The Year
- Season 2022 -


Join me as I share the most successful chapter of my motorsport career so far in 2022. This year I had put 110% into every race, with my head held high for a great year of results. The Daniel Ricciardo Series UK promised intense competition as always and it surely wasn’t easy! Let’s delve into the season and the accomplishments that awaited.

Unleashing Skills in the Daniel Ricciardo Series UK:

The Daniel Ricciardo Series UK provided some of the most intense competitions in my career. One of the advantages of this championship was the level playing field, as all participants utilized the same equipment. This equal footing allowed the driver’s abilities to shine and determined the winners. I embraced this challenge wholeheartedly, ready to showcase my skills and vie for victory.


A Season of Success:

The 2022 season proved to be an exceptional one for me. I beat my record of race wins, triumphing in an impressive 12 out of the 21 races held throughout the season. This remarkable feat included winning four rounds in the championship during the seven race weekends. It could have been five victories, but a penalty for contact took me off the top step. Nonetheless, the consistent display of skill and determination contributed to an outstanding performance throughout the season.


Easy Kart World Finals:

Easy Kart World Finals in Italy in 2023 added another layer of excitement, as I looked ahead to representing my skills on the global stage. After an unsuccessful pre round at Franciacorta, Italy I knew what I had to do to prove myself in this globally attracted event. Even with a very hard build up in the weekend after a DNF in one of the heats and starting last for the last race of the Saturday. I tried my best and gave it all on the finals day and drive a exhilarating drive to complete the last step on the podium was an incredible achievement 


The year 2022 marked a significant step in the right direction for my career as I embraced the challenges and achievements of the Daniel Ricciardo Series. The title of the Champion and Driver of The Year 2022. 5th place at the biggest even in this category, Easy Kart World Finals in Italy elevated the anticipation for the next chapter of my journey. Join me as I take part in the Jamsport Fiesta Junior Scholarship as i take a deep dive into the car racing world . Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as I prepare to compete against the world’s best in the captivating world of motorsports.